What is Formaldehyde?

  • It is a toxic vapour that leaches out non-stop from all the glue / adhesive used within the layers upon layers of wood in new carpentry.

  • Your new carpentry can emit this toxic gas for many years, affecting the health of your loved ones and you

  • A proven Carcinogen by WHO and also commonly associated with:
    o birth deformities,
    o ⁠increased chances of miscarriages for pregnant mummies
    o trigger Asthma/Bronchitis
    o ⁠other breathing issues in young children.

What does the treatment involve?

  • Multiple layers of AirTumTec’s coating treatment meticulously applied on the full interior and exterior of your carpentry

  • Ensure your new carpentry are still empty and please allow at least 1 – 3 weeks* for our coating to take effect and noticeably reduce those constant and accumulated emissions

*Do note that certain carpentries from overseas manufacturers can consistently
emit much higher levels of formaldehyde and VOCs. Do allow some time in these
cases for the coating to take its full effect.

Significantly reduce those constant toxic emissions to protect your family before moving into
your newly renovated home

Prices start from

$689 (less than 1,150 sqft)
$729 (1,150 sqft to 2000sqft)

Call us to enquire if above 2000sqft

Other Important Information

When is the best time for us to get the treatment done for my new home and carpentry?

It is best to get our team to coat your empty carpentry at least a few days before you
move in
with your family. This will allow some time for the coating to significantly reduce the toxic formaldehyde emissions from the large amounts of glue/adhesive used to build your new carpentry. Ensure that you have not moved nor shifted any items into the new cabinets and drawers before the coating is done.

It is important to note that formaldehyde removal is a complex and elaborate process as new carpentry constantly emits formaldehyde non-stop and can even continue to do so
for up to 2 years. Certain carpentries from overseas manufacturers can consistently emit much higher levels of formaldehyde and VOCs. Do allow a few more weeks in these cases for the coating to take its full effect.

Is the same AirTumTec solution used for the home coating also used to perform this treatment?

While the equipment
and formulation is the same, the method and setting used on our equipment are
different. Multiple layers of denser coating are meticulously and slowly
applied on the entire exterior and interior of the cabinets, shelves, drawers,
internal housing of your carpentry. This is a very elaborate process that also
takes longer to complete, in order to achieve the desired effect and result.

How effective is this coating treatment for new carpentry and has it been proven?

Apart from our numerous reviews, the coating has been tested and lab-certified to reduce 99% VOC and 94% Formaldehyde within 24 hours within an air chamber Indoor Air Quality Test. On site, as long as sufficient time is given for the coating to gradually build up its effectiveness over the constant emission of formaldehyde, the smell will be gradually and noticeably reduced over the next few weeks.

What should I do after the treatment has completed, and can I put my items in immediately?

Right after the treatment, try to leave your carpentry empty for 24 hours (if possible) for
curing. We will leave the carpentry doors and drawers opened, and certain windows (if possible) open to encourage ventilation and sufficient airflow for the home. Try to keep your home in this way (well-ventilated) as much and as long as possible even after moving in and packing items into the carpentry.

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